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My goal is to find the secret programs to reduce your overwhelming student loan payments while being able to offer you the affordable price I give my bankruptcy clients. Please read more about me on Avvo, Yelp, and Google.

My goal is to save my clients more than a Million Dollars in Student loan debts by the end of this year. Will you help me reach this goal by letting me look for ways to reduce your student loan payments? I guarantee I will also look for ways to also see if you qualify for government programs that can forgive some of your student loan debt.

I can’t make my goal of saving my clients more than a Million Dollars with small student loan debts of less than $20,000. A million dollars isn’t as much as it used to be, but I can reach my goal much faster if you have a larger loan for me to work with.

So what would be in this for you? Well, you will be the one saving the big bucks, because I don’t charge based on how much I save you. That would be illegal.


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Student Loans

Let’s face it. The student loan crisis in this country is a big problem. Young men and women are basically being pressured to take out thousands of dollars worth of student loans just to get a degree that is being devalued by society. Delinquency often happens with these as well as loans becoming defaulted on. And the bad thing is that these loans keep accruing interest over the years. Some graduates will never be able to pay off their student loans while for others, it is going to take decades. No one wants to live this way for years to come. The good news is that you don’t have to. In this article, I am going to be going over how you can quickly get yourself out of student loan debt as well as how to no go into it at all.

  1. Don’t go to school – There are many great trades and skills out there where you don’t need to get an overpriced education to get into that field. Some of these skills include coding, writing, sales, web design, etc. With technology innovating so fast these days, sitting in a classroom all day may not be the best opportunity for you.
  2. Grants, Scholarships, School Choice – The number one reason why students go into severe debt with student loans is that they choose the wrong school. If you cannot afford to go to an out of state school or a private school, don’t go! It is that simple. Also, find grants that you can qualify for as well as scholarships. In fact, many scholarships go untouched every year and people miss out on them. The more you apply for, the better chance you have at getting that financial aid. In the end, all of these choices can save you a lot of money when choosing to go to college.
  3. If you’re in debt, set up a plan – People graduating from a four-year institution most likely have some kind of student loan debt that needs to be repaid. In fact, the average student graduates with nearly forty thousand dollars in student loan debt. If you come out of school with a great entry job in your field, this debt can be handled better. Realistically, it could all be paid in two years. If not, you may have a harder time paying it off. The good news is that everyone can implement a budget into their lifestyle. Find out how much you are going to take home every month and how much you can put towards your student loans. Then, find out how many months or years it is going to take to repay that loan. In the end, this is a great option.

Another great option is debt relief. Experienced attorneys all around the nation have helped many others tackle their student loan debt. If you feel like this may be a better option for you, go talk to an attorney. When it is said and done, everyone wants to be debt free.

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